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  • Blueberry & Sage Cocktail Syrup


    Our Blueberry & Sage syrup is made with perfectly sweet and tart blueberries grown in Timau paired with earthy sage from Nyahururu. A unique flavour profile but a crowd pleaser, this syrup is a winner whichever white spirit you opt to mix it with, or simply as a spritz.

  • Ginger & Lemongrass Cocktail Syrup


    Our Ginger & Lemongrass syrup is made with spicy ginger from Tanzania and zesty lemongrass from Thika. A silky, medicinal exlir that is delicious hot or cold and mixed any which way. Delicious paired with spiced dark rum and topped off with ginger ale or simply spritzed with sparkling water.

  • Italian Sweet Basil Cocktail Syrup


    Our Italian Sweet Basil syrup is made with fresh Italian basil grown in Nyahururu. The leaves are steeped in sugar overnight to ensure their fresh herbaceous is delicately preserved. This syrup will ensure you are drinking summer all year round.

  • Pixie Orange & Mint Cocktail Syrup


    Our Pixie Orange & Mint syrup is made with seasonal, juicy pixie oranges from Machakos paired with fresh mint from Nyahururu. This bright syrup is packed with freshness and vitamin C and perfect for mimosas or light screwdrivers.

  • Rhubarb & Ginger Cocktail Syrup


    Our Rhubarb & Ginger syrup is made with ripe rhubarb stalks grown in Limuru and paired with spicy ginger from Tanzania. A classic flavour combination, that doubles as having medicinal properties, is ideal with vodka, gin, or on it’s own as a spritz.

  • Strawberry & Black Peppercorn Cocktail Syrup


    Our Strawberry & Black Peppercorn is made with lucious strawberries from Kiambu paired with spicy black peppercorns from Zanzibar. The strawberries are steeped with black peppercorns and sugar overnight to release their flavours slowly. This syrup is deliciously sweet and tart with a hint of warmth and perfect topped with sparkling wine.