& Sip

Having been gestating within the restaurant since 2017, & Sip came to life in it’s current form as a COVID-19 baby. With limited bar space, we were producing cocktail syrups to ensure the bar was able to quickly and efficiently serve clients high quality cocktails with complex flavours.

During the first few months of COVID we saw how much people missed going to bars to drink their favorite cocktails. This was a problem we had a solution for. We were already producing these easy to use products for our own bar and nothing was stopping us from sharing this with our community and so we began small batch production of the current line.

The current range stocks six flavours of syrups; all made with 100% natural ingredients all sourced locally.  No additives. No preservatives. No artificial colours. 100% Kenyan fruit and herbs.

Why &Sip? The range includes a number of products each of which we recommend to consume in slightly different ways:

Pour &Sip
Mix &Sip
Shake &Sip
Chill &Sip